What Does Kindle Mean

All-New Kindle Oasis Review

Amazon admits to selling “tens of millions” of their enduringly popular Kindle devices since the e-reader changed the way we read back in 2007. What does Kindle mean, though?   Naming of Amazon Kindle Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO (now … Read more

Is the Kindle Friendly Enough for the Elderly?

I still remember how my grandma fell in love with the Kindle last winter. It was December and I was visiting home for Christmas. She is 68 and staunchly proud of everything that is old, definitely books too. She is … Read more

Why Are Audiobooks so Expensive

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How to Set Up the New Kindle Family Library

Kindle Family Library Setup

After grueling years of being unable to share books even with your spouse or siblings regardless of the number of Kindles and Amazon devices people own, things have changed… Finally, sharing books is now possible through the Family Library. How … Read more

Why are LED E-Books Best to Buy?

Why are LED E-Books Best to Buy

E-Reader technology is growing at a slow pace where many readers don’t like to replace their old Kindle devices with a new one due to the slow development rate. Change is inevitable…. In today’s digital era, where smart phones, laptops … Read more